Lili Fabulous


Lili is not your typical girl. This seventeen years old blond has something else to her. And we are not talking about her fat bank account.
Heir of a well known supermarket brand, Lili was born already rich and famous, but she wants more. Sincere, straight forward, realistic and vain, Lili is a real star. And knowing it all, she takes advantage of everything this world of money, beauty and glamour can offer her. If we could describe Lili in only one word, no doubt it would be FABULOUS“.


Sami is Lili’s best friend, despite the fact he doesn’t always agree with the way she acts. That being said, the two have a lot in commom: the passion for fashion, a very high selfsteem and the taste for boys, among other things.
Just don’t be fooled by stereotypes. Sami can surprise you.


Amanda is part of Lili group of friends. She might be the closest girl to Lili, but that doesn’t mean the two share secrets. Like some say, friendship among girls might be a little more complex than that.
To keep her status, Amanda knows she has to swallow her pride sometimes, specially when dealing with someone like Lili…


The girl is called that way because Lili can never remember her name. Not that she does that on purpose, but it’s just that the girl is always so quiet, with her face behind books, away from parties and social meetings, that it’s really hard to remember some details. Sometimes Lili might sound a bit harsh on her, but it’s just the fabulous honesty doing the talk.
The girl, of course, always understand.


Those who see Aline nowadays, all dark and independent, can’t imagine her past (that she rather keep in secret): Lili’s counterpart used to be a beauty pageant’s contestant as a child. Encouraged by her mother (a real bimbo), Aline used to win all competitions, until one day she lost. Since then she started to think her reality over, using the oportunity of her moving (when she started to go to Lili’s school) to reinvent herself.